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Computer Science Club

Folsom, CA | 9/10/2020 - 5/27/2021

FHS Computer Science Club Presents

Posted: 8/28/2020

Computer Science Club

  1. Start Date: 9/10/2020
  2. End Date: 5/27/2021

The objective (goals) of this organization shall be: The Computer Science Club, which has been a club for around 5 years, is dedicated towards introducing students and community members to the world of Computer Science. We teach students both novice and advanced programming concepts and algorithms in order to prepare and compete in well known competitions like HP Code Wars, ACSL, and various Hackathons. Since this is a club and not a class, we have members learn programming concepts through example and by jumping straight into projects. This year we are also implementing a community outreach aspect to the club by holding computer science related events for local elementary and middle schools and assisting in other community activities related to STEM. We will meet every Thursday from 11:30-Noon

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