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Folsom, CA | 9/24/2020 - 5/20/2021

Folsom High School Presents

Posted: 9/2/2020


  1. Start Date: 9/24/2020
  2. End Date: 5/20/2021

Sinfonia is a choral and orchestra group made up of any student at FHS that enjoys singing or playing an instrument in an ensemble setting. This includes any of the music groups like band, orchestra, choir, or jazz. We will be meeting every other Thursday during Activity time. The club leaders can help with things like basic music theory or reading through a certain piece, and each leader specializes in a specific instrument group or singing. This club during distance-learning will be great for getting some extra one-on-one help or even just motivation to keep playing your instrument. Even though we can't enjoy Sinfonia the same way we have in years past we hope to be able to still aid you in becoming a better musician while still having fun!

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